Friday, June 18, 2010

Lessons Learned

I first like to start off by saying thank you for keeping updated with my trip and for praying for me. I recieved several messages and facebook posts from several while in El Salvador and they were so encouraging for me. Our last night was very nice. The power actually went out for about an hour and looking back, I really think it was a God thing. All the girls and the kids went out to the back patio where there was a little light from the city and we sang and talked, it was very special and would have never happened if there was power. I love seeing how God works. It was really hard to leave the girls the next morning, there were alot of tears and hugging. I am very thankful for technology today, most of them have facebook and email so we will be able to keep in touch. Living, eating and talking with these girls these past two weeks has been such an incredible blessing that I will never forget. They have been through so much hardship in their short lives, it makes me grateful for my comfortable life and I need to remember to never take it for granted. I have learned that it is not my place to question why God choose to give them such struggles, and was so easy on me it seems. In both cases we need to be grateful for where God has put us in life. They are stronger than I will ever be. At the beach I had a really good conversation with Jorge, I asked him if it was ever hard working with the girls, hearing their heartwrenching stories and problems and feeling like there was no way he could help him. This was something I struggled with the whole trip. How could I, one single person, fix the immense problems of these girls?? I felt that since I was given so much, I had to "make better" the lives of those less fortunate. Jorge's answer made so much sense, he said "Danielle, yes, I struggle everyday feeling helpless and inadequate to truly help these young girls. However I have to realize that they are not looking for someone to "fix" their problems, their is no way anyone could. What they ARE looking for is someone who is going to love them, hug them and listen to them. They want to know that they are not facing their problems alone, their are people there who love them and will walk through it with them together." This is something I can actually do! It is still far from easy, and can be very draining but God asks us to love one another with brotherly love. We also do not have to go to foreign country to do this, there are millions of heartbroken people around us, looking for someone to listen to them and given them hope. They need the hope of God's love. While i'm at home in the states, I need to be in prayer daily for these girls, you can help me with that as well! Prayer can do alot of things and we should never underestimate it. Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement

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