Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day five

Today we woke up early and Jorge drove us to the market. It was so fun to walk around and see all the handcrafted El Salvadorian stuff. We then went out to lunch, Jorge took us to the nicest mall around and we got to look around. The mall was VERY nice and it blew my mind that so much money could be so close to such poverty. It just didn´t seem right. Whenever we go anywhere I am amazed at the shacks people live in. I am beginning to see first hand that even the poor people in America are considered rich to these people. It´s hard for me to see because I feel so helpless. We also got to go get Ice cream from a place called Jungle Snow, it was AMAZING!!! It´s probably a good thing they dont have one in the states or I would literally be 5000 pounds. After we got back we took the girls to a park near by with one of the the Orphan Helpers missionaries, Beth. It was really fun to play with the kids. The girls LOVE for us to take pictures of them and thier babies. Everytime the camera comes out it likes a mini photo shoot! And they are so cute I can´t help but take a zillion pictures. I am really enjoying getting to know the girls and a little bit of their stories.. They love to try to learn English so we can kind of help eachother. Tomorrow we are going to their church with them, so that should be really fun. Today we spent a little time planning what Bible lessons and activities we are going to do with the kids in CISNA and CIPI this week. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Love you all!

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