Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 10

I decieded to write this early before the girls get home from school and pandimonium breaks out. CISNA today was really good! We read the romans road to them and talked about the gospel message. All of them said that they have accepted Christ as their Savior, only God can know for sure but at least teh seeds were planted. It´s hard to tell when someone´s faith is real here, or if it is just culture. Almost everyone professes to be a christian and believe in God, it´s just what you do... It´s hard to distinguish who has a real relationship with Christ adn who is just talking the talk. We made a cross craft to go with the verses and they really liked doing that as well. We got to go to Pizza Hut for lunch adn I was beyond excited! The Orphan Helpers staff took us out and it was really fun! They are all really sweet, and they kept thanking us for coming. We should really be thanking them! At CIPI we went through the romans road with them as well. The girls there weren´t very responsive, they are usually more quiet anyway. This can be a frustration, but I just have to remember that I cannot force a believe or decision on anyone, I just need to tell them and the rest is up to God. I did get to talk with Julie for awile today which was really cool! She speaks slowly so we can actually have a reall conversation without me asking her to repeat herself 17,000 times. We didn´t talk about anything super deep, she just talked about her life and her experience at CIPI. From what I gathered, she is there because her mom abused her, she doesn´t really know what is going to happend to her next. I´m really praying that I get another chance to talk to her again tomorrow since it´s our last day in the centers. I´ll keep you posted!

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