Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 8 and 9

I couldn´t get on the computer yesterday because it was crazy!!! It actually started being crazy Monday night when I was feeling so sick! I woke up feeling much better but Jo started feeling sick as well. We ended finding out that we drank some of the water unknowling at one of the restaurantes we went to. The moral of the story is...if you are in El Salvador and its not from a bottle DO NOT DRINK IT! It does horrible things to your body! Jo ended up not going with us on tuesday cause she felt so bad...Tuesday night the three of us were invited to go to the Hope house for dinner. The girls there were so sweet! The all met us at the door and introduced their selves. They had made us a totally american meal of spaghetti and meatball and even garlic bread! It was so kind of them. We enjoyed spending the evening with them and getting to know them better. Today we went to the centers and it was really good, the girls seem to be opening alot more. One of girls at CISNA who is 15 wispered to me that she was pregnant. I asked her if she had gone to the doctor or told anyone and she said I was the first one. It blows my mind that she would trust a practical stranger such news. Her name is Gabriella, pray that I have the words to say to her. The girls at CIPI are a little harder to get to know we have come to realize. I think they are so closed off and depressed because they have no hope for their future at all. One of the girls here at the house, Tatiana used to live at CIPI and she said she hated it...I would too. One of the girls Julie is 13 and she can speak english a little bit. She told us that she believes in God but doesnt want to live her life for him because her life is so horrible. It´s hard to have the words to say to these girls. Tonight we ate and hung out with the girls, Beth came over again and ate with us. She teaches the girls english on Wednesdays. She also asked us to speak at her church on Sunday. We agreed not knowing that WE were the service for the day. We are only slightly panicking...The good news is, we are all feeling better! Sams throut has improved and Jo and I are on our way to recovering, Thank the Lord! Also Nicole´s chicken pox are going away. Thanks for praying. I have to say the one thing I will NOT miss from El Salvador is the cold showers...We actually have a knob for hot water, for what reason I do not know. I think its there to tease me actually, even though I know there will be no hot water I still try at least three times...I will probably continue to do so. I also will not miss every near death experience I have drving to and from the the centers everyday. Although growing up driving in a car with my Dad has somewhat prepared me for this...Other than these things, it´s going to be so hard to leave. Marta, one of the girls in the house already cried today when were talking about leaving monday....I´m trying not think about it right now. Thanks for continuing to pray! Hasta Luego

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