Friday, June 4, 2010

Day Four! for real this time...

Ok I know I said yesterday was day four, bu tit was actually today, sorry! Anyway last night we went to the pupuseria with our driver Jorge, it was INCREDIBLE!! He took us to this place that is literally on top of a mountain looking over San Salvador! The view was amazing, as were the pupusas! And Sam Jo Jorge and I all ate there for 7.50! The pupusas and the price of them is something I am definately going to miss back in the States. I also found out that Jorge knows MUCH more english than he let on! We were able to really get to know him over dinner and he is seriously the sweetest man. He has a heart of gold and you can really see his love for God and the girls in the promise house shine throughout his life. He badly wants to come to the United States but cannot get a visa for himself or his family. He told me that he would not come to the U.S. illegally because if God wanted him there He would provide a visa for him. I told him I would pray that he would get a visa. I feel like Jorge is kind of like our Dad while we are here and we all feel better when he is around. Whenever we dont understand something or are confused we look at eachother and are like ¨Where´s Jorge!¨ I absolutley LOVE playing with the kids in the house! They are seriously the cutest!! And they love to play ¨Avion¨ or airplane. Whenever they see me they yell Avion, Avion! and then I fly them around on my legs till they are literally about to fall off. One of the girls in the house, Jessica invited us to go to her school because she was elected to be a canditate for something like princess of the flowers, I guess its something like homecoming queen in the States. It was Quite the experience! We were there for probably three houre more than we expected to be! But it was very interesting to see a C.A. school. I guess it was a dance too, so we got to watch the kids on the dance floor. We kept getting asked to dance but we were all like NO WAY! We already stand out enough with our white skin and matching shirts. We didnt need people pointing at the gringas trying hoplessly to bust a move on the dance floor. The girls in the house are so great and have really opened up to us. Its crazy to think about how different their lives are than ours. The youngest mother is 11, and they are all here because they were raped, not because they were trying to have children. Sometimes I wonder why I was so blessed to live where I do and have the family and friends that I do. This just makes me even more thankful. Tonight we took two of the little girls Glenda and Alandra,who is my personal favorite but I try not to show it, and gave them two new dresses each that Sam had brought with her. I could have cried watching them try them on and spin around for us, it was so cute! Tomorrow we are going to the market, we were supposed to go to the beach but it is going to rain alot so we are going next week. Well I need to go to bed. Ill keep you posted!


  1. As I read your blog my eyes are full of tears just reminiscing of our time in Hondurus and the very similar experiences we had. What an impact it had on our lives. Praying for you daily! Thank Jorge for us about being your "dad" as you are away from your fam!! That is very comforting to me! I am very excited for you being there and for the things God has for you! Any pics yet?? Would love to see some. I love you and miss you like crazy! Mom

  2. Hi honey, glad day for was such a blessing. I love seeing the updates and we check the blog often to see what you have written. We are so proud of you Sam and Jo! Keep up the good work we love you!

  3. Just wanted you to know that I am following your blog and praying for you.