Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 6

Today we woke up and went to church with the girls from the Hope House. The Hope house is similair to the promise House we are staying in but these girls do not have any kids. The Church was not what I expected, It was what I would consider an El Salvadorian mega church! It was in a very nice building and the service was very Americanized. The power did keep going out all throughout the service but they just kept on going. It was kind of funny. I love to watch them sing, they have so much passion and are so much more uninhibited than most Americans in church. They all sang out at the top of their lungs and could care less what they sounded like or what others thought of them. You don´t see that much in the U.S. After church we took one of the house moms, Marina out to lunch, it was really fun and I think she was very grateful. It was great getting to know her even better, she is seriously such a sweet lady. She has no family and she consideres the girls in the promise house and their babies her children. You can really tell how much she loves them. The Orphan Helpers missionary came over again today, I guess she does a movie day for the girls every Sunday and today was the movie Ever After!! which was great since its one of my favorite movies!! It was in Spanish but they put the English subtitles on for us. It made me realize how much girls are the same in every culture, we would all awww when they kissed and get mad when the evil stepmother was a jerk. I spent the rest of the night playing hide and seek with the girls and the kids and they taught me some more spanish games they knew. Sometimes I forget how young they really are. Most of them are babies themselves, yet they have a whole other person depending on them. My favorite part of the night was when we started singing together. They know alot of Hillsong songs, so they would sing them in Spanish and we would sing them in English at teh same time. I love the fact that we can sing praises and lift up the name of God in all different languages and he still understands and love us all. I will never forget that. This week is going to be busy but I will keep you posted!

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