Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 10

Today was our last day in the centers. It was really wierd because part of me feels like we just got here and the other part feels we have been here forever! In CISNA it was actually dissapointing because we had just read our first verse for our lesson when the girls got called out to participate in some activity going on in the prison. Since there was no way we were going to be like ¨um excuse Mr. prison guard, we haven´t read our second verse yet...¨ we just had to let them leave. Very anti climactic end to our two weeks there... I kept wondering why that had to happen, when I just had to remember that God has a plan for everything. We do not control what happens even if we have great intentions. Another disapointment was that Julia was not at CIPI today... This was sad for me because we had even written a note to give her and everything. I think we might try to give it to Jorge to give to her teacher. again...God is in control, not me. It was sad to leave the girls, they kept making us pictures and bracelets and made us promise not to forget them. As sad as it was to leave the centers, it is going to be way harder to leave the girls and kids in teh promise house! The three of us went out to dinner tonight at this super nice outdoor mall place, It was really cool! We walked around a bit and watched this World Cup celebration going on, it was really awesome cause there was alot of dancing and singing and shouting going on. It was really nice to relax after a long tiring week. When we got home we gave all the girls flip flops and they decorated them with pieces of fabric. They seemed to really like it and were very appreciative of them. The kids just like to throw the fabric around which made for alot of clean up...but it was cute. We just found out that all the kids have lice...isnt that great! so.... the three of us our going to be sporting some sweet sumo wrestler buns for the remainder of our stay here... Tomorrow is the beach!!!! And it is much needed, trust me!!! Please pray that I don´t get sick anymore, I´ve had a fever the past few nights, which isn´t very fun. Thanks for all the prayers! Buenas noches

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