Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 12

I can´t believe this is my last day here!!! It seriously blows my mind! Im not going to write much because I dont have much time. Yesterdays beach trip was awesome! The beach we went was like something out of a dream...or a movie set, whichever is better. It was so nice to relax in our little cabanna in the hammocks they had set up for us. I got to have a good talk with Jorge about the trup overall and teh girls in general. It was really good and I was reminded again how wise he is and how blessed the girls are to have at least one male role model in their lives. Today we went and spoke at Beths, church. Her church was the exact opposite of the church we went to last week, very small and traditional. We were all extremely nervous because she didnt have a translator for us, so we had to do it in Spanish!! As much as we were freaking out about it, it really wasn´t that bad, adn the people there were very warm and welcoming. Tonight is our Papusa night we have been planing as our goodbye party. The girls in the Hope house are coming over too and we are making papusa´s for everyone and just hanging out! It´s going to be so hard to leave, but I think tonight will be very fun! I will write a wrap up note once I get back to kind of the close up the trip. But I should go, lots to do and a very loooong day of traveling tomorrow!!!!

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