Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 7

Well today was a pretty long day. Went to CISNA in the morning which was really cool. I read Proverbs 31 to the girls and especially focused on verse 30. Sam translated for me as I did a little devotional with them about being women of God even when the world tells us that looks are the most important thing. I think this is something girls need to here no matter what country they live in. Then Jo, Sam and I painted their nails for them! They were pretty excited about that, we even did some toenails...Anything for the glory of God, right. While waiting for our ride to CIPI, we played with some of boys from the orphange next door. My heart truly goes out to these boys, I really couldn´t imagine a worse place to live... SInce it was only us three girls, we didnt get permission to work witht hem everyday, so it is cool we get to hang out with them a little in between centers. I wish I could bring them home to a good family and give them hope for a better life. We went to CIPI afterwards and got to have some good conversations with the girls. They opened up to us a little more, even though our lives are completely different. We learned this afternoon that time is not half as important to El Salvadorians as it is to Americans... Our ride was an hour and a half late, and it didnt help that Sam was feeling sick. Please pray that her throut feels better since she was in a lot of pain this afternoon, though she seems to be doing better tonight. It also took us about an hour to get home. Tonight after dinner I brought out my old straightener and started doing some of the girls hair, they seem to really like it so I´ll probably leave it with them when I leave. Well I need to hit the sack!! Love you all!

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